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Play Mudslinger -- Our New Video Game Featuring Romney and Obama

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Thursday, November 1, 2012 -- David

We're only a few days away from the Presidential election on November 6th, and by now you've probably heard your fair share of candidate attacks and sound bites. With the constant barrage of campaign ads, pundit opinions, and candidate spin, it seems like the political mudslinging will never end. Don't get me wrong – the 2012 campaigns have provided some memorable moments, not to mention great quotes like "binders full of women" or "horses and bayonets". If only there was some way to focus on the fun parts of the campaign, instead of all the negativity. Or better yet, wouldn't it be great to make the mudslinging more enjoyable for the common voter? Hmmm… wait a minute. We just did that!

Introducing Mudslinger – our new video game where Obama and Romney face-off in a Mario-style Presidential campaign mud match. That's right – we built a video game to make campaign mudslinging fun. Play as your candidate of choice, and sling mud at your enemies, collect votes, and battle Big Bird, a horse with bayonets, flying binders (full of women), and even your main candidate competition. Just make sure you keep an eye on your health, and the clock!

Creating this game is a new step for Crowded Comics as we venture into different territory while trying to make the news fun. And we think you'll like the results. So get your game on, and go to battle as your candidate. Tell your friends, and challenge their best scores. Put the beat down on your campaign enemies, and rake in the votes. Just don't forget to vote in real life next Tuesday!

Mudslinger Screenshots