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A new attack ad paints Romney's time at Bain Capital as one of purchasing healthy companies and driving them into the ground. Some critics are calling the ad a low blow, citing that Obama's own record on fulfilling his campaign promises over the last four years has been lackluster.
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RustyCannon, thanks for your

RustyCannon, thanks for your note. Unfortunately we only have four lines to write the news brief so we can't always go as in depth as we'd like. But we encourage you and others to explore the 'Learn More' section above where we strive to present a balanced list of articles on the subject, written by professional journalists.

"Some critics" should be

"Some critics" should be named. Romney is using his experience at Bain as his "cred" to run the economy but the actual facts are that Bain stripped healthy companies of their assets and bankrupted them - a very high percentage of their targets. It's all legal. It is what PE firms do. They also shift a huge burden onto taxpayers and creditors in the process as they bankrupt those target companies and put the employees onto the unemployment roles. It's all legal, and it is very lucrative, but a person with a normal conscience couldn't do it. Just like lawyers who come out of ivy league colleges and choose to become high-paid corporate lawyers or not-so-high-paid public defenders, Harvard MBA's also have choices. They can build businesses, manage businesses for long term health and growth, or they can legally steal the assets of others if they have the capital to wage the war. Bain did both. But Romney wants to tout the good Bain did (which, while he was in charge was little to none) and not take the criticism for the bad they did (which is the the basis for the vast majority of his wealth).