Our drawings. Your voice.
Welcome to Crowded Comics, where we let you have fun with the news -- one punch line at a time. Crowded Comics creates comics and games in response to trending headlines and empowers users to add their jokes and opinions. We're democratizing news and editorial cartoons by crowdsourcing captions and opinions for our original, timely comics. You can even create your own comics when you play The Big Cover-Up or Commander-in-Briefs. Have fun with the news!
Play The Big Cover-Up and Create Your Own Crowded Comics Cartoon

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Crowded Comics helps readers have fun with the news -- one punch line at a time. We create comics and games in response to trending headlines and empower users to add their jokes, express their opinions, and interact with trending news. We're democratizing the editorial cartoon and encouraging readers to share their opinions in new ways. Partner with us, put the power of opinion into the hands of your readers, and increase their engagement and direct participation with your publication and site!

Our Offerings

We have partnered with both print and online publications, and we have designed several different product offerings to meet your needs:

  • Our embeddable widget: Add the interactivity of Crowded Comics directly to your site -- while we filter the captions and community to either just your readers or to Crowded Comics users in your local area. Our widget enables you to increase engagement with your readers while maintaining their captive attention directly on your site. The widget is tailorable to the look and feel of your site, but it is run as a service off our technology platform. If you have a print edition of your publication, you can even choose to publish your readers' winning captions the following day.

    To see the widget in action, check out our medium-width and narrow-width demo versions.
  • Hosted caption contests: Using our single cartoon embeddable widget, you can host an interactive cartoon caption contest on your site or Facebook fan page just for your readers. We can either create a custom cartoon for you, or we can load image content that you already own.

    To see the single cartoon widget that is used for hosted caption contests, preview our medium-width and narrow-width demos.
  • Subscription cartoon syndication: Our subscription media partners have the ability to easily run Crowded Comics cartoons in either print or online media on a regular basis at affordable rates. You can run either a fixed or unlimited number of cartoons and caption combinations, e.g. the top three highest-rated captions from your local readers.
  • Individual cartoon licensing: Our media partners can also license an individual cartoon, with the caption of their choice. Our online control panel makes it easy for you to select and download your preferred cartoon – with appropriate formats that are ready to drop into your site or into your print layout for immediate publication.
  • Custom local cartoons for special news events: We also offer on-demand custom cartoons for special news events. We can also tie them in to your widget or setup a hosted caption contest just for your users.
Becoming a Partner

If you are interested in any of our offerings, please contact us via our Contact page (Category: Media Partners).